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The Grass Dance of Spirit Lake Dakota $18.71 SKU:2014-1
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The Grass Dance of Spirit Lake Dakota
By Louis Garcia, with Mark Diedrich
Illustrated by David Sager
Forward by Raymond J. DeMallie

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This book is the result of 60 years of research of which 48 years was spent on the Spirit Lake Nation Reservation as a local resident.

The title Grass Dance does not reflect the modern use of the term which is a regalia and dance category associated with the Pow-wow. This book is designed to inform the reader of a Warrior Society which originated among the Pawnee, Ponca, and Omaha Nations during the Pre-Reservation periods. The ceremonies, rules, customs, regalia, songs, and dance were transferred to the Seven Council Fire (Sioux) Nations during the closing era of the Indian War period. The Reservation Period (Circa 1870 – 1890) the dance was transferred to all the northern Indian nations.

When the reader absorbs the information contained within, they are hearing if from past generations by individuals who actually were members of the Grass Dance Society, participated in its ceremonies, or witnessed the doings.

“You will not find the majority of the information contained within, written in any other publication and I can even be bold enough to say from any living person.”, states the author.

  • 20 chapters including:
  • Rules for Pipe Owners
  • Women Singers
  • Dance Halls
  • 5 appendices on the Kahomni Dance
  • Sham Battle.

189 pages, photos and illustrations, biblio, index. Paperback.

 The author, Louis Garcia is interested in any comments or questions about this book.
Contact the College where I am employed. The address is on the back of the book cover.