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Whispering Wind Vol 40 - CD $27.95 SKU:Vol.40CD
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The entire Volume 40, Nos. 1-6 in PDF on one CD, complete cover to cover of each issue in Volume 40.Requires Adobe Acrobat (R)

Vol. 40 # 1 Issue 275

Seminole Head-Wear 1850-1920 by M.E. Thompson
Seminole Men's Turbans
by M.E. Thompson
Saulteaux Beaded Grass Dance Outfit
by Richard Green
Little Wound & Kicking Bear
- Glimpses by Allen Chronister
Interview with Rhonda Holy Bear
by Peter Durkin
Men's Tradtional at Denver 2011 - Fashions by Craig Jones; Photos by Chris Bryant

VOL. 40  # 2 Issue 276

Chief Little Fish's Tobacco Bags by Louis Garcia; Illustrations by Dave Sager
Typical Tribal Bead Colors by Rex Reddick; Photos by Ginger Reddick
Oglala Chief Black Bird's War Shirt - Glimpses by Richard Green
Arikara, Hidatsa, Dakota Tribal Flag Songs - History & Translations by Louis Garcia
Salish Oral Traditions by Scott Thomspon
The Eiteljorg Museum - MuseumCorner by Don & Saori Lorkowski
Women's Tradtional at Denver 2011 - Fashions by Craig Jones; Photos by Chris Bryant

Iroquois Crown Style Caps-Prototype for the Modern Pageant Princess Crown by Richard Green
A Nez Perce Elk Bag -
Material Culture by Scott Thompson
Attaching Vamp Fringe on Moccasins -
Crafts by Bill & Kathy Brewer
Sioux Historical Photographs by Rolland Lutz -
Glimpses by Richard Green
Nebraska Museums -
Museum Corner by Don & Saori Lorkowski
Jokes from the M.C. Chair -
Humor by Herbert 'Chickdog' Johnson, Jr.
Beaded Crowns - PowwowFashions by J. Heriard; Photographs by W. Wayne

Beaded "Indian Princess" Crowns with Comments on Indian Princess Contests - Crafts & Culture by Scott Thompson
Plexiglass Roach Spreaders -
Crafts by Sandy Rhoades
Woven Identities: Basketry Art from the Musueum of Indian Arts & Culture
Cheyenne Moccasins
CraftersCorner by Lew Richards
Rolland Lutz: Pioneer North Dakota Photographer: Part 4 -
Glimpses by Richard Green
The Contest is On!
PowwowCircle by Bill Walker
Southern Ladies' Beaded Crowns -
PowwowFashins by Craig Jones; Photos by Brian Fraker
Powwow Humor

Whispering Wind Vol. 40 # 5: Issue 279

Northern Plains Horse Bonnets
Material Culture by James D. Keyser
Buying German Silver Work: What You Should Know- Part 1
Crafts by Barry Hardin
Oglala Chief Black Bird's Shirt
An Update by Richard Green
The Comanche Code Talkers of World War II
History by Joseph Connle
Southwest Pueblo Potter Water Jars
Glimpses by Michael Kostelnik
Fancy Dance Spotlight Special PowwowFahions by Craig Jones: Photos by Brian Fraker

American Indian Easter Eggs - Material Culture by Mark Thiel; Photographs by Brian Cumming
Buying Silver Work: What you Should Know Part 2 -
Crafts by Barry Hardin
Wing Fans: A Short Record of Their Functions in the West -
Material Culture by Scott Thompson
Sending a Voice: Native Americans in Movies-
Reviews by Daniel Brown
Southwest Buffalo Dancers (Historical Photos) with brief description of Kachina dolls-
Glimpses by Mike Kostelnik
Keeper of the Sacred Bundle: Alaska -
YukonCircle by Conley Stone McAnally
Chicken Dancers 2012 -
PowwowFashions by Craig Jones; Photographs by Brian Fraker
MusicalNotes Interview with Pensmoke by Dawn Karima Pettigrew